Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Creating a Musical Hook with Garage Band

In your podcast you will be able to open and conclude your podcast with a  musical hook, just like you hear in a professional broadcast on the radio or  the Internet. Here's a quick way to create your own piece of music that is uniquely yours, so you don't run into any copyright issues. You will then export your new musical hook to iTunes so you can use it in your podcast.
  1. Open Garage Band from your Applications folder.
  2. Select Magic Garage Band.
  3. Select a musical style: funk, reggae, blues, latin, etc.
  4. You are able to choose each instrument. Click on an instrument, click on the drop-down arrow, click on the headphones so they turn yellow to isolate the instrument, then choose which type of the instrument you want to use. After you have chosen the instrument, deselect the headphones (they will turn gray) so that you can hear the entire band. You will do this for all instruments or part: (melody, rhythm,  guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard) in the musical piece. You are also able to add your own instrument, such as your voice, if you plug the input to your computer.
  5. After choosing your instruments, click "Open in Garage Band" at the bottom right of the screen.
  6. You are now able to hear your new musical creation/ You may make any additional changes.
  7. Export your song to iTunes:
    1. Click "Share" in the menu bar.
    2. Drop down to "Send Song to iTunes"
    3. Name your song: "Period# + FirstName + LastName" in all four boxes.
    4. Click the "Share" button in the dialog box.
    5. Your song will open automatically in iTunes!
  8. Close your Magic Garage Band project after you have exported your song to iTunes.

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