Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Writing a Script for Our Podcast

Today we will write a script to use when we record our podcast!

Do you know what a script is? That's right! As 8th Grader Mario Chavez shared in period 1, it is "something that you read for a movie."

I want you to think about your topic. Please tell your elbow partner, what you want to talk about in your podcast.

Now that you have your topic, we will create a Google Doc to use to type up our scripts.

First, please type the name of your topic in the title box at the top left of your page. Please type the title on your document and center this title.

Now you will write a short script about your topic. Please left-align your script and add numbered items for each separate sentence you will read on your podcast.

Your first sentence must be your introduction, the rest of the sentences (minimum four) will be about the topic, and your final sentence will be your conclusion.
  1. "Hello, this is ____________________ and I am going to talk to you today about _________________________."
  2. Topic
  3. Topic
  4. Topic
  5. Topic
  6. This wraps up my podcast today. I hope you enjoyed the show!
Because this is a spoken piece of work you may use colloquial or "everyday" language when you write your script.

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