Tuesday, March 01, 2005


This Art Project is all about YOU!

You will spend three weeks creating your self-portrait.

Ms. Kline will take your photo with a digital camera and upload it into her public folder on the server.

The goals of this project are:
To learn how to use graphic art software.
To creatively explore your "future self."

Day 1:
Let's get ready to draw.
  • Log in to Ms. Kline's public server account.
  • Click on your class period.
  • Find your photo.
  • Drag your photo to your desktop.
  • Close all windows.
  • Open your photo.
  • Make this window only 1/4 the width of your desktop, but the full height of your desktop.
  • Open AppleWorks 6.
  • Open a "painting" document.
  • Save it as "LastName+FirstName+SelfPortrait"
  • Drag the window to cover your entire desktop with your painting document.
  • Open the tools and colors.
  • Change the color palette to "earth tones" for a more realistic color for the human body.
  • Choose the paintbrush tool with the smallest point.
  • Begin drawing the outline of your face
Week 1:
You may only draw your face.
  • Look at your face.
    • Concentrate on the shape.
    • Draw the outline of your face.
    • Don't be afraid to erase and do it over.
    • Don't erase everything, just the section you don't like!
  • Look at your eyes.
    • Draw your eyes.
    • Do not draw big round eyes.
  • Look at your nose.
    • Draw the shape of your nose.
  • Look at your mouth.
    • Your mouth is not a straight line.
    • Draw the outline of your mouth.
  • Look at your ears
    • Draw the shape of your ears.
  • Look at your hair.
    • Draw the outline of your hair.
    • Use the paintbrush tool with multiple dots so it looks like strands of hair.
Week 2:
You may only draw your body.
  • Look at your neck.
    • Look at how it meets your head and shoulders.
    • Draw your neck.
  • Look at your shoulders.
    • Look at the sweep of the shoulders away from the neck.
    • Draw your shoulders.
  • Look at your arms.
    • How far do your arms go past your waist?
    • Where do your arms bend next to your body?
    • Draw your arms.
  • Look at your hands.
    • How long are your fingers compared to your arms?
    • Draw your fingers.
  • Look at your chest and waist.
    • Look at where your chest meets your arms
    • Look at where your waist meets your chest.
    • Draw your chest and waist
Week 3:
You will now add a background placing you in the future.
  • What would you like to be?
  • What setting will you be in?
  • What objects will be around you?
  • What will you be wearing?
  • What will you be doing?
Take your time, and do not rush. You may also continue working on your face or body.

When you are satisfied with your self-portrait, you will save it as a .jpg file and place it in Ms. Kline's public server drop box. If you need instructions to do this, read the blog lesson "Save Your Work in a Public Server Account." Ms. Kline will print your self-portrait in color for you to keep. You will also be able to keep a copy of your .jpg file for your digital portfolio.


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