Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kline Quick Tip #3 - Application Shortcuts for OSX

Many people like to keep icons for the computer applications and files they use regularly on their computer desktops. Instead of copying the entire computer program or file to your desktop, which is a waste of disk space, users can make a shortcut/alias for the application instead.

An alias in Mac OS X is a shortcut for opening an application or file, eliminating the need to open the application from the applications folder. You can identify a shortcut/alias by the small arrow on the icon, and the word "alias" attached to the name of the application.

How to Make an Alias for an Application on the Desktop:
  1. Find the application in the applications folder
  2. Press and hold the "control" key on the keyboard
  3. Click on the application
  4. Drop down to "Make Alias"
  5. Drag the new alias to the desktop


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