Monday, December 07, 2009

Week 15

Welcome to Week 15 of Keyboarding!

Last week you continued working on your keyboarding lessons and continued your winter-themed art project. You also received your 2nd six-week grades. Good job everyone!!

This week you will:
  • Take the 2nd keyboarding benchmark exam
  • Continue to work on your Keyboarding Online lessons
  • Continue your winter-themed graphic art projects
  • Continue adding "kid-friendly" definitions to your Keyboarding Key Vocabulary word list

Remember, the keyboarding benchmark exam has three sections this time:
  1. Correct body position for keyboarding
  2. Correct touch-typing technique
  3. Sufficient progress on keyboarding lessons (you should be finished with lesson 5)
Relax and you will do well!


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