Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tech Tip Tuesday - Make a Word Cloud

For today's Tech Tip Tuesday, we are going to learn how to use a word cloud generator, also known as a tag cloud!

A word cloud generator analyzes text you enter, or from a website's RSS feed to find the words that are most used in that text or website. The most frequently used words appear larger than others.The online program we will use today is called "Wordle." Wordle allows you to enter text, or paste in text from a web site, or load a website's RSS feed URL, or load a del.icio.us user name. After creating your word cloud, you can change the font name, font color, delete unwanted words, change the shape of the word cloud, save it on the Wordle website, or print it.

Here is the word cloud I generated from my blog, mskline.net
Go to
wordle.net to create your new word cloud today!


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