Thursday, August 18, 2005

Back to School Night!

You are almost finished with the first two weeks of school, so it's time for "Back to School Night!"

Be sure to bring your family tonight so that they may visit with your teachers and see what Spurgeon Intermediate is all about.

All students who visit Ms. Kline will receive a candy.

When you visit tonight, log in and show your parents how you use the computer during class. Start them with "Ms. Kline Online," then show them the Mavis16 keyboarding program. You are welcome to show them the chess program and take them for a spin on the Internet if you wish!

All students who attend may have a photograph taken with their family at their computer to use in later class projects.

Don't forget the AVID program's Nacho/Taco Cart for a light dinner before the program.


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