Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Learning to Type from the Textbook

Today you will begin typing from your Mavis textbook.

This will teach you look at your copy (written words) and type without looking at your hands.

We will use the following procedures when typing from the textbook:
  • Click on the Applications folder and open Microsoft Word
  • Save your file in the "Documents" folder
  • File Save As: "Period#LastNameFirstName"
  • Type "Page + #" at the top of your page
  • Do not change the font
  • Do not change the size of the text
  • If you cannot see the words well, zoom in to your document
  • Read the instructions for the page
  • Type the exercises from the page
  • When you finish a page, type "Page + #" with the new page number
  • Continue typing the rest of the exercises in the book
  • Always type the page # before you start the exercise
  • Ms. Kline will check your work occasionally
  • Everyday you will open the "Documents" folder in your dock
  • Select your document to open
  • Continue the exercises
Follow the daily schedule as posted yesterday.


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