Monday, March 03, 2014

Flappy Birthday! Create Your Very Own "Flappy Bird" Game & Share it With Friends! is 1 Year Old!
Celebrate by creating your very own "Flappy Bird" game and share it with your friends!

Use the amazing Blockly coding skills you have developed over the past several weeks to create your own version of the popular video game, "Flappy Bird" and share your newly-created game with your friends.

After you have completed the lessons teaching you how to program your Flappy Bird game, you will create your own game, just the way you like it! When you are done, you will copy the URL of your game from the address bar in your browser. Paste that URL in Ms. Kline's Flappy Bird Google Doc so that your friends will be able to play your version of Flappy Bird, too.

You can also create your own Google Doc and share it with your friends. 

Don't forget to have fun!!

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