Thursday, September 01, 2005

Technology Class Email

Technology I students now have email accounts through

You will log in with your User Name and Password (as provided by Ms. Kline). You will be able to immediately use your email to communicate with anyone. The chat room is also available to you immediately to chat with other users.

Some warnings about email and chat:
  • All conversations are monitored for inappropriate content.
  • Ms. Kline receives an email everytime her students use inappropriate language.
  • Not everyone on the Internet tells the truth!
  • People who say they are under 18 may not really be under 18!
  • Do not give out personal information to anyone on the Internet without your parents' assistance or permission.
You will really enjoy this system! Some benefits include:
  • Communicating with your classmates via email
  • Communicating with other students via a live chat room
  • Sending files to your teachers instead of printing
  • Sending files from school so you can work on them at home
  • Asking teachers for assistance online
  • Asking fellow students for homework help
As long as you use the system wisely, and you are aware of Ms. Kline's warnings, you will have a lot of fun using email and chat!


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