Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Technology Autobiography Video Projects

Every Technology I student will create a video autobiography. After completion, each of you will burn a DVD copy of your autobiography for you to keep!

All students must work in teams to assist each team member with filming. Editing may be done alone or as a team, but each student must turn in a separate video.

Your video autobiography must include:
  • Storyboard with:
    • Each scene drawn out
    • Script under each scene
    • Filming details
    • List of team members
    • Equipment details
    • Timetable
  • Five scenes with clear video
  • Clean audio narration (can be dubbed in during editing)
  • Transitions between each scene
  • Soundtrack
  • Credits listing:
    • Starring
    • Videographer
    • Sound Person
    • Produced by
    • Music credit (artist and song)
    • Any other credits necessary
You may log in to Ms. Kline's public server account to retrieve photos from a variety of class/club activities to put in your video as well!


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