Friday, February 17, 2006

How to Find Information on the Internet

You have learned how to find images using Google's "Image Search" search engine. You have also learned how to customize your Firefox Search Bar to search for information using a variety of search engines.

Today you will learn how to search for information using Google's search engine.

Because you have already turned on Google's "SafeSearch," you should be able to find information that is not inappropriate for young people. Just to make sure, click on the "Preferences" link on the right side of the Search Bar and check that you have "Strict Filtering" selected.

Now you are ready to begin searching for information!

When you begin your "query," be as specific as possible:
  • Enter a word or group of words in the search box
  • Use the minus sign (-) in front of a word to leave it out
  • Put quotation marks (" ") around words that must stay together
  • Enter as much information as possible about your query
  • Click on "Advanced Search" to use Google's own prompts
  • You may also request up to 100 results in the "Advanced Search" section
  • Click on "Advanced Search Tips" to use the full capabilities of Google
  • Hit return/enter or click "Google Search"
  • If you click "I'm Feeling Lucky" you will go directly to the first result
  • Results are listed in order of relevancy and the number of other web sites that link to it
  • Click on one of the Blue, Underlined links to see a result
  • Click the "Back Arrow" to return to the list
  • Open links in new tabs so that you can go back and forth between the results list and the web sites you visit
Remember the theme for our Internet Research Project is: "Black History/Civil Rights."


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