Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of Keyboarding!

Last week you learned how to create and save a new word processing document and you created short "kid-friendly" definitions for your keyboarding "Key Vocabulary" list. You also learned how to effectively and efficiently open a recent application. This past week also brought an increase in the words per minute (WPM) required for you to receive credit on your individual lessons. For the rest of this six-week grading period, you will need to type 20 WPM on each line in every lesson. No problem!

This week you will:
  • Use an opaque keyboard cover to help prevent you from looking at the keyboard
  • Learn how to create an application "shortcut" or "alias" for your desktop
  • Add the new vocabulary words to your list with definitions
  • Review proper keyboarding technique.
  • Continue your Keyboarding Online lessons.
Ms. Kline's Week 8 Key Vocabulary:


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