Wednesday, February 03, 2010

African-American Heritage Month

February marks the beginning of African-American Heritage Month, also known as Black History Month. The tradition began with scholar Carter Godwin Woodson in 1926 to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of African-Americans to the culture of the United States and the world community. Ms. Kline's following African-American heroes are but a small selection of individuals who have made amazing contributions to music, art, science, literature, and in addition, have stood up for the rights of African-Americans, women, the poor, as well as all of humanity.

Some of Ms. Kline's contemporary heroes are:
President Barack Obama - the United States of America's first African-American president
Maya Angelou - poet and writer
Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson - Astrophysicist and host of NOVA ScienceNow
Dr. Mae Jemison - Physician and 1st African-American woman in space

Some of Ms. Kline's heroes from history are:
Harriet Tubman - relentless abolitionist, union-spy, and humanitarian
Sojourner Truth - brilliant strategist, abolitionist and women's rights activist
Dr. Martin Luther King - winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
Rosa Parks - named by Congress as the "Mother of the Modern-Day Civil Rights Movement."
Nina Simone - singer, songwriter & musician
Hazel Scott - phenomenal pianist & jazz musician

Wilma Rudolph - Olympic gold-medal winner who overcame enormous obstacles
Whom do you wish to celebrate?


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