Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 34

Welcome to Week 34 of Keyboarding!

I hope everyone had a successful testing experience. What a great deal of work you did last week...great job!

Everyone is also doing an amazing job completing their keyboarding lessons! Almost every student has completed the entire course of 33 lessons, and has received 5 Spurgeon Paw tickets and a Paw Gram for their hard work. Many students have already reached their next goal of 25 WPM, 30 WPM, 40 WPM, or 50 WPM on all lessons. I am so proud of everyone!

Don't forget this week's goal in keyboarding is Lesson 33, which means that everyone should complete all lessons by the end of this week and begin working toward the next speed goal.

This is also the last week to complete the Learning How to Draw With a Grid graphic art project. I have been receiving some amazing projects and all of the projects look great!

This week you will:
Ms. Kline's Week 34 Key Vocabulary:


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