Friday, August 26, 2011

Kline Class Procedures

Entering the Classroom
Please enter quietly and calmly.
Please go directly to your seat.
Please be seated before the bell rings.
Please sign the yellow tardy sheet if you arrive late.

Daily Routine
Please begin your keyboarding lessons immediately.
Please check the Ms. Kline Online blog for any changes in today's lesson.
Roll will be taken from the seating chart.

During Class
Please keep your backpack and other things on the floor in front of your feet.
Please listen while the teacher is talking.
Please stay seated unless you have permission to get up from your seat.

Clean Up
Please save your work.
Please shut down your computer.
Please leave your keyboard picture in front of the computer.
Please clean up your area.
Please place your keyboard and mouse at the edge of the table.

Exiting the Classroom
You are excused when the bell rings if you have cleaned up your area.
Please push in your chair.
Please tuck your shirt in before you leave the class.
Please exit quietly and calmly.

Restroom Procedures
Please try to visit the restroom during lunch, before school, or after school.
Please take your signed, yellow hall pass whenever you leave the classroom.
Please sign out on the green "Out-of-Class Sign-out Form" before leaving.
Please visit the restroom as quickly as possible.
Please inform the teacher if you have any special needs/emergencies regarding the restroom.

Please say Please and Thank You when speaking in class.
Please do not interrupt when others are speaking.
Please be responsible with all lab equipment.

Class Rules
Please do not chew gum in class.
Please do not bring food or drink into the computer lab.
Please respect everyone (people and their things).
Please do not disturb any computer equipment.

Consequences for Rule Breaking
Teacher Warning
5 minute Teacher Conference and phone call home
15 minute Teacher Detention and phone call home
Parent Conference
Referral to Assistant Principal


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