Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tech Tip Tuesday: Free and Open Source Software

For today's Tech Tip Tuesday, we will review several great free and open source software resources you or your students can use at school, home, or work!

A colleague of mine from the Academic Talent Search program, Leo Pastrana, is doing an amazing job with our students. His lessons are always engaging and informative! A few weeks ago, his students did a wonderful project researching Cesar Chavez in honor of the California state holiday, and the Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning.

This week, he asked me about free and open source software so that he could teach his students about how to install and use this powerful, functional, and varied software on their own computers for free with no copyright issues!

Here's the software I recommended:

List of free and open source software packages

Open Office (office suite software)

Inkscape (vector graphic image software)

GIMP (raster/photo-editing graphic image software)

Audacity (digital audio editor)

VLC (media player)

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