Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tech Tip Tuesday - Free Creative Content with a Creative Commons License

For today's Tech Tip Tuesday, we are going to visit two very cool online creative content distributing websites:

A Creative Commons license allows anyone who creates intellectual property content (such as music, art, photography, prose, poetry, scientific research, etc.) to share their work with other users, so that they may use the work legally. A Creative Commons license specifically details how you are able to legally use the work (published, on the web, with or without attribution, with or without modification, with or without payment). The Creative Commons website also allows you to search for content so that you can find the content you need, which details exactly how your are able to use the content legally, even in a public forum such as on your website. Just check the license every time you find content you wish to use to verify the extent of your usage rights.

Jamendo.com is a music website where musicians share music that they have created. These talented artists have shared almost 300,000 free-to-use, Creative Commons-licensed tracks. When you or your students need free music, you can search jamendo.com for all music genres. Remember, this music is released with a Creative Commons license, so you are free to use it as you wish, with few or no restrictions!

Ready, set, share!


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