Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 29

Welcome to Week 29 of Keyboarding!

Last week you shared your self-portrait with the class...great job!! You have a color copy of your art project on Ms. Kline's classroom "Art Wall of Fame." If you have turned in a permission slip signed by your parents, you can view your artwork on Ms. Kline's web site as well!

Almost everyone was able to complete their project on time. A few of you will continue to work on the project during your free time, or after-school. Remember, you are always able to make up your work in Ms. Kline's class!

This week you will:
In your student agenda, please write down your Week 29 Learning Objective:
We will increase our keyboarding speed and accuracy and complete the keyboarding benchmark exam.

Ms. Kline's Week 29 Key Vocabulary:


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