Monday, August 27, 2012

Introduction to Google Chrome

Today we are going to learn how to log in to our
Google Chrome accounts!

Google Chrome is a web browser, a computer application used to find resources on the World Wide Web.

Because we will be using our Google Apps for Education accounts to create our school-related documents and projects, we will be using the Google Chrome web browser to expand the functionality of Google apps.

When you log in to Chrome, you are able to create a personal experience by adding a theme, "apps", and extensions. We will not use themes at Spurgeon, because we are sharing the lab and laptop computers with the entire school, and our theme can be distracting to students and teachers. We will be able to use Chrome apps and extensions at Spurgeon, because these can be important tools to help us complete our school projects. The available apps and extensions can be found in Google's Chrome Web Store.

Apps are web-based applications or programs that run on your Chrome browser. These can be educational, helpful, or just plain fun! You are permitted to download apps into the Chrome browser as long they are age-appropriate, and appropriate for school. You are not allowed to download apps that pertain to adult content, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence, or criminal activity of any kind.


Some of the apps I recommend you download today are located under the "Education" tab:
  • Biodigital Human - Explore the human body in digital 3D
  • Type Fu - Practice keyboarding online
  • Typing Test - Find out how fast you type
  • Flash Cards - Create Study Companions for school
  • 3D Solar System Web - Explore the solar system in digital 3D
  • QuĂ© Onda Spanish - Learn Spanish
  • Planetarium - Explore the stars and planets visible in the night sky
  • Geogebra - Learn mathematics dynamically
Extensions are different from apps because they "extend" the functionality of the Chrome web browser or add features to the browser such as a translation tool, weather gadget, media player, etc.

How to log in to your Google Chrome account:
  1. Open Google Chrome - you will see the sign-in page or the start page
  2. Click "sign in"
  3. Name = Student
  4. Password = Your Date of Birth (MMDDYYYY)
  5. You are now able to download apps and extensions
How to log out of your Google Chrome account (important to log out every time):
  1. Click on the wrench in the upper right hand corner of the browser
  2. Drop down to and click on "Settings"
  3. Click "Disconnect your Google Account"
  4. Click the confirmation prompt "Disconnect account"
Don't forget!
Disconnect your Google Chrome account before leaving your computer to protect your privacy. 

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