Monday, May 20, 2013

Adding Your Soundtrack to Your Podcast

Today you will start creating your actual podcast by adding the soundtrack you made last week using "Magic Garage Band"!

1. Open Garage Band

2. Open "Recent Projects"
3. Select your podcast

4. Open Garage Band to full screen (click the green + on top left)

5. Select the Media Browser icon (on the lower right)

6. Select "Audio" and "iTunes"

7. Select the song you created with Magic Garage Band and drag it into the center of your project where it says "Drag Apple Loops here."

8. Zoom out to see your entire project by moving the slider bar (on the left below the tracks) to the left.

9. Move your soundtrack to the left so that it lines up with the beginning of your podcast timeline.

10. If you need to delete a recording (purple) simply click on it and hit the delete key.

11. If you an entire track, click "Track" in the menu bar, drop down to "Delete Track".

Now you are ready to record your podcast!

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