Friday, October 28, 2005

What is your 1st Trimester Grade?

Today you will calculate your final grade in this class!

Look at your 1st Trimester Grade Card and total your scores:
  • Add each test score to the previous total.
  • Add your project scores to the previous test totals.
  • Look at your final total.
  • Find your final grade based on your final total.
  • Circle your final grade.
  • Write your beginning speed at the left of the "Keyboarding" title.
  • Write your final speed at the right of the "Keyboarding" title.
  • Read your goal at the top of your card.
  • Did you meet your goal?
  • How much did you improve?
  • Look at your two benchmark assignments.
  • Did you pass your two benchmarks?
Congratulations on a successful 1st Trimester!


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