Monday, September 19, 2005

The Big Picture!

You have just spent five weeks just studying Keyboarding.

You have learned to:
  • Use your home row keys
  • Use proper body position to avoid injury
  • Type by touch (without looking at your hands)
  • "Meet or Beat" your WPM speed from last week
Let's review how far you have come!

Take out your grade card and look at your first score. Now look at your fifth score. How much have you improved? What is your current grade?

Now, what is your goal for this class? What WPM speed would you like to achieve by June 2006? Write that goal on the top of you grade card to remind you where you are going.

Today we will learn about the Business Technology Standards. Just like all of your classes, you have standards that guide your Business Technology classes, too. You will receive a copy of these standards today to keep in your binder. On the back of this card are the benchmarks you will use to show that you are meeting these standards.

First, let's review the Business Technology Academic Standards card. On the front side, you will see the two standards we will cover this year in Keyboarding.

Now, let's review the benchmarks on the back of this card. These benchmarks will guide your progress over the coming year. Each trimester, you will cover two benchmarks.

Now, let's look at your grade card. You will see that there is a column for you to mark when you have met a benchmark standard. When you have passed the benchmark, you prove that you are meeting the standards!

Don't Forget:
  • Procedures
  • Practice
  • Perseverance


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