Friday, September 03, 2010

Using the Firefox Web Browser - Part 2

Finding Your Way Around the Firefox Web Browser

Menu Bar Items:
The "menu bar" is always located at the top of your computer's desktop. It will look different for each different computer application you use. It has nine important "drop-down" menus that you may use. I will list a few of the drop-down items I would like you to learn to use.

* Preferences - Where you modify the browser's settings
* Quit - Use to quit the browser

* New Window - Opens a new window so you can visit another web page
* New Tab - Opens a new tab so you can visit another web page and still see the tab to the other web pages you have open
* Open Location - This highlights the address bar, then you can type the address to a different web page
* Close Window - Close a web page in a window
* Close Tab - Close a web page in a tab
* Save Page As... - Save a web page to your computer
* Print - Print a web page
* Work Offline - If this is checked, your are not connected to the Internet

Edit - Use these features if you need to edit, copy items, paste items, find items, etc.
* Undo
* Redo
* Cut
* Copy
* Paste
* Delete
* Select All
* Find

* Toolbar - You may show or hide your toolbars as you wish
* Status Bar - Shows if a web page is loading
* Side Bars - Shows your history or bookmarks
* Reload - Reloads your current web page

* Use this menu bar item to see the websites you have already visited

* Use this tab to make or edit your website bookmarks

* These are advanced features you may learn to use later

* Use this menu bar item to switch between different windows or to zoom in on the page

* Use this menu bar item to access the help menu or update Firefox

Firefox has two toolbars that you may also modify for your use:

Navigation Toolbar - This toolbar has various items to help you "navigate" (find your way around) a web page. Use the buttons:

* Back Arrow - To visit a page before the current page
* Forward Arrow - To visit a page you visited after the current page
* Reload Arrow - To reload the current page
* Stop - To stop loading the current page
* Home - To go to your browser's set "home page"
* History - To view your browsing history (the pages you have already visited)
* Print - To print the current web page (be could be long!)
* Address Bar - For the URL of the web page you wish to visit
* Search Bar - To search a topic with a variety of web "search engines"

Bookmarks Toolbar - This toolbar shows the bookmarks you have selected to be constantly displayed on the toolbar.

When you visit a web page, don't forget to click on the "hyperlinks." These are usually underlined and colored blue. Hyperlinks take you to another web page for more information about a topic.


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