Monday, September 10, 2012

Configuring the Sound Settings Panel in Mac OSX

In the Cougar Computer Lab, every iMac is equipped with a set of headphones. In order to use these headphones, your computer must be set up, or configured, to recognize them. In Ms. Kline's lab, the headphones also have attached microphones that also must be configured.

You are also able to change the alert sounds on your computer. You will hear alert sounds for a variety of reasons, such as when you make an error or receive a file.

You will configure both in sound panel on a Mac computer as follows:

Click the apple menu and drop down to "System Preferences..."
Click the "Sound"  icon in the System Preferences window.
Click the "Sound Effects" tab to select an alert sound, choose the output device (headphones), and to set the volume of the alert sound.
Now click the "Output" and "Input" tabs to select and configure your headphones (or other audio device). You are able to change the balance (left and right) and volume of the headphones.

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