Friday, September 07, 2012

Proper Keyboarding Technique

Yesterday, you learned how to log in and use your online keyboarding instruction program, Keyboarding Online. You can be proud of the fact that this system is used in high schools and community colleges around the world, and you are able to use this in middle school!

Today we will review proper body position and keyboarding technique. We will learn about the science of ergonomics, the science of fitting job demands (at work or play) with job conditions, and why it is important to understand ergonomics while keyboarding.
Ergonomics, Integrated Safety Management, Berkeley Lab

Building on Ms. Kline's "Intro to Keyboarding" lesson, today we will learn about the importance of proper hand placement, and how to use the "home row" or "home keys" to improve both your speed, measured in words per minute (WPM), and accuracy while keyboarding.

Click on the "Intro to Keyboarding" image to enlarge.

You can also download the pdf to your desktop after you have clicked on the hyperlink for this file under "Resources" on the right.

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