Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Your First Week at Spurgeon is Procedure, Procedure, Procedure!

Now that you are situated in Ms. Kline's computer lab, you will spend the next two days familiarizing yourself with Spurgeon's school-wide behavior expectations.

Spurgeon students must follow the P.A.W.S behavior matrix program:

P  =  Positive
A  =  Attentive
W  =  Willing
S  =  Safe

In every area of your beautiful new school, there are behavior expectations that correspond with Spurgeon's PAWS acronym. Again, you will be introduced to Spurgeon's procedures and expectations with the PAWS program over the next two days.


Wednesday: You will attend a grade-level assembly with Spurgeon's principal Mr. Irving, assistant principals Mr. Zamudio and Ms. Lloyd, Spurgeon's TOSA Ms. Costello, and counselors Ms. Estrada and Ms. Sawczuk.

Thursday: You will take a tour of your newly renovated and remodeled school with one of Spurgeon's knowledgeable tour guides...hint: you met them at the grade-level assemblies!

Friday: You will review Ms. Kline's class procedures and her Technology class syllabus. Also, on Friday we will being reviewing Spurgeon's Schoolwide PAWS Behavior Matrix in every class. The elective classes will focus on PAWS in Spurgeon's office areas.

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