Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hour of Code - Teacher Set Up Directions

Teachers who wish to "jump in" and start teaching students to code, will find that the code.org "Hour of Code" project is incredibly easy to teach! There are informative videos, and engaging coding lessons for all ages of students.
We are using the middle school lessons at Spurgeon which includes 20 separate "hour long" lessons which can be taught over several weeks.

To get started, you will first need an account. Click "Sign In" at the top of the code.org web site, then click "sign up" but don't fill in the form until you click on the "Are you a teacher" link on the right. Create your teacher account, and sign in. From here you are taken to your teacher dashboard.
code.org Teacher Dashboard
 This is the teacher dashboard. Click "Manage Students" and "add a section" to generate a class code to give to students as they log in the first time. Students will go to code.org/join to fill in their name and choose a password. Teachers can manage the student accounts, and change passwords. Teachers can also monitor student progress in the program, in addition to being able to complete the lessons themselves.

The student dashboard displays the lessons that are available, and gives the student feedback about his/her progress through the 20 lessons. The dashboard also displays trophies the student earns along the way.

By clicking on the "Progress Dashboard", teachers can check students' progress in a very detailed manner including progress in the last hour. A dark green square means that the student completed the exercise correctly. A light green square means that the student used too many blocks of code to complete the exercise and may do it again. A white dot means that the student completed the exercise in the last hour. The teacher dashboard displays student trophies as well.

To see the educational resources available, go to:

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