Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Read 180 Introduction


 Welcome to the Read 180 program!

You are enrolled in this amazing program to help you become the reader your are destined to become:

a reader who is ready for high school, college, and beyond!

Today you will take the Scholastic Reading Inventory assessment to find your lexile score. A lexile score helps match readers with books and other reading material so that they have a positive reading experience and can learn to grow as readers.

Please use the following steps:

Go to the Read 180 Student portal by clicking on this link.

 Click on the Scholastic Reading Inventory icon.

Log in to the program:
Username = Your SAUSD student ID#
Password = Your 8 digit birthday (MMDDYYYY)

Once you are logged in to the student portal:
  • Choose 3 literature genres.
  • Take a practice test.
  • You will take at least 20 minutes to complete the test. Please read carefully. Read the paragraph, then answer the questions
  • You are allowed 3 skips.
  • You will be given your lexile score at the end of the assessment.
  • Please write down your lexile on page 25 of your agenda.
  • Use this lexile score to choose books and reading material at any library.

Good luck on the assessment
and try your best to get the most accurate score!

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