Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 24

Welcome to Week 24 of Keyboarding!

Great job everyone on last week's Keyboarding Benchmark #3! I'm really proud of how everyone is making an effort to relax, and slow down while typing so that you are able to perfect your keyboarding technique and increase your speed and accuracy. I know that I will be awarding many well-deserved A's and B's at the end of this semester! Remember, you should be finished with lesson 16 by Friday to keep up with the class.

You are now ready to begin your second semester graphic art project, your self-portrait. You will begin this project by taking your photograph with the built-in camera on your computer. Using the Photo Booth application on your iMac, take a photograph of yourself. Drag this photo to your desktop so that you are able to find it quickly. You will use this photograph of yourself as your model for your self-portrait graphic art project. For complete details of the project, grading rubric, and a review of how to use graphic art software, we will visit the link to the self-portrait graphic art project below.

This week you will:

In your student agenda, please write down your Week 24 Learning Objective:
We will begin our self-portrait graphic art project.

Ms. Kline's Week 24 Key Vocabulary:


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