Monday, January 12, 2009

Art Project: Your Self-Portrait

This week you will begin working on your major art project for this school year, your self-portrait. You will have three weeks to complete this project. If you have not finished your self-portrait during this time period, you will still be able to continue working on it, but you must do so during your free time, before or after school.

After you have completed your self-portrait, you will share it with the entire class on the classroom SmartBoard. You will also hang your self-portrait in the classroom art gallery to show to your family and friends.

Each student will receive a color print copy and an electronic .jpg copy of his/her self-portrait to keep!

Follow the self-portrait lesson instructions in Ms. Kline's blog:
Self-Portrait Lesson

Before you start, familiarize yourself with the self-portrait lesson rubric:
Grading Your Self-Portrait

When you are finished with your project, upload your self-portrait to Ms. Kline's server account. If you need a review of how to do this, review the instructions here:
Save Your Work in a Public Server Account

Each year, Ms. Kline works on a new self-portrait along with her classes. Although it is not easy for her, she really enjoys it! Check out her favorite version of her self-portrait here:
Ms. Kline's Self-Portrait

If you need a review of the AppleWorks Paint program, review the instructions here:
Let's Explore the AppleWorks Paint Program

Have fun!


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