Friday, March 18, 2011

CUE 2011 - iPads and Reading

First concurrent session: iPad as super-charged reading & writing tool presented by Apple's amazing Dave Douglas:
iBooks, Book Apps and ePub - iPad’s Novel Approach to Reading

Attending this session with Mrs. Soto and Mrs. Mayes was a lot of fun as we learned how wonderful iPads are when used to teach reading and writing!

We not only found amazing Book apps, engaging electronic books, and various eReader applications such as iBook, Kindle, and Nook, but we also learned how to make our own e-book using Apple's iWork Pages software, and save it as the "open ebook standard" known as an .epub file type so that any computer can read it!

Electronic books are particularly wonderful because they have animations, and audio, and seem to come alive! There is multiple language support, so if a reader can instantly translate a word or sentence, or have the book read aloud. Readers can also record their own voices as they read a book aloud. Many books we found were free, because they were old enough to become part of the public domain.


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