Monday, March 07, 2011

Week 25

Welcome to Week 25 of Keyboarding!

Last week you began your second semester graphic art project, your self-portrait. You used the Photo Booth application and the built-in camera on your iMac to take a photograph of yourself. You also created a photograph of yourself with a background you would like to draw for your self-portrait project. Now that you have your two photographs, be sure that you have placed them on your desktop so that you are able to find them quickly. You will use these photographs as your model for your self-portrait graphic art project. For complete details of the project, grading rubric, and a review of how to use graphic art software, refer to the link to the self-portrait graphic art project below. Remember, you should be also finished with lesson 17 by Friday to keep up with the class.

This week you will:

In your student agenda, please write down your Week 25 Learning Objective:
We will continue our self-portrait graphic art project and keyboarding lessons.

Ms. Kline's Week 25 Key Vocabulary:


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