Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 26

Welcome to Week 26 of Keyboarding!

Last week you began drawing your self-portrait. Everyone was able to complete their head and face for the first week of this assignment. Great job, everyone, I saw many wonderful self-portraits coming along nicely!

This week, you will concentrate on your torso or upper body. Like last week, when you only drew your head and face, this week you will only draw your upper body. Never give up. You may need to erase and re-draw over and over again, but you will be successful if you don't give up!

For complete details of this project, grading rubric, and a review of how to use graphic art software, refer to the link to the self-portrait graphic art project below.

Remember, you should be also finished with lesson 18 by Friday to keep up with the class.

This week you will:

In your student agenda, please write down your Week 26 Learning Objective:
We will continue our self-portrait graphic art project and keyboarding lessons.

Ms. Kline's Week 26 Key Vocabulary:


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