Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Choice Journal

Choice Journal Using Expository Writing

During class, you will occasionally have the opportunity to choose your activity. During these "Choice Activities" you will use expository writing to explain how or what you are working on.

Last week you worked with the entire class to create the ground rules for the "Choice Journal" project. You now have a list of what is expected when you choose an activity in Ms. Kline's class. Remember, you must have your "Choice Journal" document open during the activity. You must also keep your "Choice Journal Rules" open as well, but this document can stay in the background.

You will describe and explain the activity by answering the following questions:
  1. Background: What is the activity about?
  2. Setting: Where does the activity take place?
  3. Characters: Who are the characters in the activity?
  4. Purpose: What are you trying to achieve with this activity?
  5. Interest: Why do you like to do this activity?
  6. Instructions: How do you do this activity?
  7. Tips and Tricks: What tips to you have for other people doing this activity?
You must write in your Choice Journal every time you play!

At the end of the period, you must also complete this short form. Log in to your SAUSD Google Apps account so that you can see it.

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