Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Internet Research Project

To demonstrate your Internet research skills, you will produce a brochure called "My Future Career."

First, design your brochure:
  1. Open a word processing document
  2. Save it as: LastNameFirstNameCareerBrochure.rtf and remember to use the .rtf (rich text format) file type so that you will be able to open your document with any word processing application.
  3. Create a 2 or 3 column layout on your document, depending on how you would like to fold your brochure.
  4. Add the following sections, in any layout you like:
  • Title: Write "My Future Career" and the name of the career you want to research.
  • About the Author: Write about yourself.
  • References: Cite (list) the URLs of the websites you use in the brochure for both the information and the images you will use.
  • Information paragraph 1: Describe the career you have chosen.
  • Information paragraph 2: Describe how to prepare for this career.
  • Images: Decide where you will place your images around the brochure.
  • Extra-credit: Add a small copy of your self-portrait!
Now find your information:
  1. Use Google to find at least two web sites with information about your career.
  2. Highlight, copy, and paste the URLs to these websites into your references section.
  3. Write your two career information paragraphs from the information you found.
  4. Find three images of your career. Remember, if you visit the Wikimedia Commons or CreativeCommons.org you will find media in the public domain (free to use).
  5. Copy and paste these images into your brochure.
  6. Highlight, copy, and paste the URLs to the websites where you found your images into your references section or directly under the image.
After you have typed up your information in your brochure and added your images, you are ready to print your brochure in color.

The Internet Skills Assessment rubric can be found in the Class Resources section.

Great job!


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