Monday, March 09, 2009

Shooting Your Video Project

Now that you have planned out your project with your team, you are ready to begin shooting!

Before filming, review Ms. Kline's Video Production Techniques handout. This has extensive tips about how to shoot video.

Your team should also review the equipment it will use before beginning to shoot your video.

Digital Video Camcorder
  • Battery charged
  • Recording Media (tape, flash card, hard disk, DVD) ready
  • Lens Cap off
  • Headphones plugged in
  • Power cord ready to plug into an outlet in case the battery dies
  • Know how to use your camcorder before filming
  • Essential for holding your camcorder steady while filming
  • Check the removable base
  • Use a 5# beanbag if there is not enough room for a tripod
External Lighting
  • 3 sources of light (one behind the subject and one on both sides of subject) are best
  • Clamp-on light
  • Hand-held light
  • Reflector screen
External Microphone
  • A wireless microphone allows you to record audio away from video camera.
  • The receiver plugs into camera.
  • The microphone plugs into the wireless transmitter and is held by your subject.


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