Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Storyboarding Your Video Project

Whenever you begin a video project, you should plan your project using a storyboard. A storyboard will help you organize your project.

As you begin the project, ask yourself the following questions:
  • What is your topic/theme?
  • How many actors/characters are in the video?
  • Where will you shoot your scenes/what is the setting?
  • What equipment is needed to film?
  • What props will you need? What objects will appear in the video?
  • What do you want the actors/narrator to say in the video.
  • How long do you want your video to be?
  • Who will work on which jobs to produce your video?
Using a storyboard will help you know what you want to shoot before you begin. You will use the storyboard provided by the Schoolhouse Video program.
  • How many scenes do you want to shoot?
  • Sketch out each scene as you visualize it.
  • Describe the camera angles you will use to shoot the scene.
  • Write out a description for each scene below the sketch.
  • If you do not attach a script, write the script below each scene.
  • Will you add video effects to a scene?
  • Will you add background music to your video?
  • Will you add artwork to your video?
With your team, and using the storyboard provided, plan your entire video so you will know how you will shoot your video. Remember, your theme is a 60-second commercial for your chosen career.


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