Tuesday, April 25, 2006

David Hernandez Presents at Board Meeting

Tonight, David Hernandez was asked to speak to the SAUSD Board of Education. He met the board, described Spurgeon's Technology I class, then gave a typing demonstration ranging from 94 WPM to 110 WPM all while standing up in front of a large audience!

David then recited the FBLA Creed, without errors, as a demonstration of the upcoming California State FBLA Leaderhip Conference competition this Saturday in Irvine.

Great job, David!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Technology Autobiography DVD Collections

This month you will share your autobiography movies with the entire class. You have worked very hard to complete your marvelous video projects.

Now it's time to share!

After you have shared your projects with the class, you will each burn a DVD of your autobiography as well as any of your classmates who wish to share a DVD with you. Your group will design their own DVD menu including background images, background music, and menu style. After you have burned your DVD, you will be able to design a label to put on your DVD to personalize it!

Keyboarding Online

Today we will begin our new online keyboarding program, Keyboarding Online!

First we will bookmark this site.
  • Type www.keyboardingonline.com in your address bar
  • Hit return.
  • Click "Bookmarks" in the menu bar.
  • Bookmark this page.
  • Name it "Keyboarding Online."
  • Create in the "Bookmarks Toolbar."
  • Click "Add"
Now we will log in and use the system:
  • Click "Login."
  • Enter the School Login and Password (from Ms. Kline).
  • Click "Keyboard Mastery."
  • Click "yes" when asked to download the Java application for Keyboarding Online.
  • Click "Open Existing Student File."
  • Click on your period.
  • Click on your name.
  • Click "Open."
  • Enter your password (from Ms. Kline).
  • Double Click "User Info" on the left and change your password.
  • Double Click "Set Up" on the left and then click on each tab to see how the system is set up for grading your keyboarding lessons.
  • Double Click "Introduction" on the left.
  • Click on all 11 tabs and carefully read each introductory lesson.
  • Do the exercises on each tab as required-these teach you the basics so that you may start the regular lessons.
  • Double Click "Lessons Menu" on the left.
  • Open your book to the first Lesson.
  • Look at Line 1 in your book.
  • Type only Line 1 in the Lesson 1, Line 1 window, do not type any other line at this time and repeat Line 1 if you still have time!
  • The timing length is listed at the top of the window.
  • Repeat Line 1 three times.
  • Look at your top three scores at the bottom right of the window.
  • Click on Line 2 when you have three scores posted for Line 1.
  • Only type Line 2 in this new window, repeat Line 2 if you still have time on your timer.
  • Continue this process for all Lines in all of the Lessons.
  • Double Click "Progress Reports" & "Comprehensive" to check your progress.
  • Double Click "Grade Reports" & "Current Grade" to see your current grade.