Monday, October 21, 2013

Welcome to Edmodo!

Edmodo is a way cool social network for schools!
Spurgeon has its very own Edmodo group within the Santa Ana Unified School District. It was set up to allow students and teachers to communicate about the activities that happen at school and in the classroom. You may join as many groups as you need to, one for every class or other group you belong to!

Today you will create a new account just for Ms. Kline's class.
Follow these steps to create your Edmodo account:
Click on the Edmodo link.
Click "I'm a student".
Enter the group code from the board.
Fill in your username (Period#LastNameFirstName - no spaces)
Fill in a password that you have created.
Fill in your First Name and Last Name.
You do not need to enter an email unless you want to.
Check the agreement box.
Click "sign up".

You are now a member of Ms. Kline's Edmodo group. Congratulations!

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