Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ms. Kline's Self-Portrait

Ms. Kline completed this project with her Keyboarding classes during the three week graphic art assignment in March 2005.

She erased her work at least one million times and was very, very, very patient with herself.

With procedures, practice and perseverance, she became can you!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


This Art Project is all about YOU!

You will spend three weeks creating your self-portrait.

Ms. Kline will take your photo with a digital camera and upload it into her public folder on the server.

The goals of this project are:
To learn how to use graphic art software.
To creatively explore your "future self."

Day 1:
Let's get ready to draw.
  • Log in to Ms. Kline's public server account.
  • Click on your class period.
  • Find your photo.
  • Drag your photo to your desktop.
  • Close all windows.
  • Open your photo.
  • Make this window only 1/4 the width of your desktop, but the full height of your desktop.
  • Open AppleWorks 6.
  • Open a "painting" document.
  • Save it as "LastName+FirstName+SelfPortrait"
  • Drag the window to cover your entire desktop with your painting document.
  • Open the tools and colors.
  • Change the color palette to "earth tones" for a more realistic color for the human body.
  • Choose the paintbrush tool with the smallest point.
  • Begin drawing the outline of your face
Week 1:
You may only draw your face.
  • Look at your face.
    • Concentrate on the shape.
    • Draw the outline of your face.
    • Don't be afraid to erase and do it over.
    • Don't erase everything, just the section you don't like!
  • Look at your eyes.
    • Draw your eyes.
    • Do not draw big round eyes.
  • Look at your nose.
    • Draw the shape of your nose.
  • Look at your mouth.
    • Your mouth is not a straight line.
    • Draw the outline of your mouth.
  • Look at your ears
    • Draw the shape of your ears.
  • Look at your hair.
    • Draw the outline of your hair.
    • Use the paintbrush tool with multiple dots so it looks like strands of hair.
Week 2:
You may only draw your body.
  • Look at your neck.
    • Look at how it meets your head and shoulders.
    • Draw your neck.
  • Look at your shoulders.
    • Look at the sweep of the shoulders away from the neck.
    • Draw your shoulders.
  • Look at your arms.
    • How far do your arms go past your waist?
    • Where do your arms bend next to your body?
    • Draw your arms.
  • Look at your hands.
    • How long are your fingers compared to your arms?
    • Draw your fingers.
  • Look at your chest and waist.
    • Look at where your chest meets your arms
    • Look at where your waist meets your chest.
    • Draw your chest and waist
Week 3:
You will now add a background placing you in the future.
  • What would you like to be?
  • What setting will you be in?
  • What objects will be around you?
  • What will you be wearing?
  • What will you be doing?
Take your time, and do not rush. You may also continue working on your face or body.

When you are satisfied with your self-portrait, you will save it as a .jpg file and place it in Ms. Kline's public server drop box. If you need instructions to do this, read the blog lesson "Save Your Work in a Public Server Account." Ms. Kline will print your self-portrait in color for you to keep. You will also be able to keep a copy of your .jpg file for your digital portfolio.