Friday, August 30, 2013

 Ms. Kline's Class Procedures

Today we will review Ms. Kline's class procedures and her Technology course syllabus.

Entering the Classroom
  • Please enter quietly and calmly.
  • Please go directly to your seat.
  • Please be seated before the bell rings.
  • Please sign the tardy sheet if you have an excuse and staple your note to the paper.

Daily Routine
  • Please read the learning objective on the white board, and write it in your agenda.
  • Please review today's schedule and materials on the white board.
  • Please begin your Keyboarding Online lessons for 15 minutes every day.
  • Please read the Ms. Kline Online blog for today's lesson explanation.
  • Please begin the lesson immediately.
  • Roll will be taken from the seating chart.

During Class
  • Please keep your backpack and other things on the floor in front of your feet.
  • Please stay seated unless you have permission to get out of your seat.
  • Please stop talking and look at Ms. Kline when you hear her say: "Stop, Look, Listen"

Clean Up
  • Please save your work.
  • Please shut down your computer.
  • Please leave your keyboard picture in front of the computer.
  • Please clean up your area.
  • Please place your keyboard and mouse at the edge of the table.
  • Please stand up and push in your chair.

Exiting the Classroom
  • Please wait for Ms. Kline to dismiss the class by rows.
  • When your entire row is ready, your row will be dismissed.
  • Please exit quietly and calmly.

Restroom Procedures
  • Please try to visit the restroom during lunch, before school, or after school.
  • You will receive two bathroom passes every six weeks.
  • Please take your agenda hall pass whenever you leave the classroom.
  • Please visit the restroom as quickly as possible.
  • If you are out of passes, you may ask Ms. Kline to call for an escort when necessary.
  • Please inform the teacher if you have any special needs/emergencies regarding the restroom.

  • Please say Please and Thank You when speaking in class.
  • Please do not interrupt when others are speaking.
  • Please be responsible with all lab equipment.

Class Rules
  • Please do not eat or drink in the computer lab.
  • Please respect everyone (people and their things).
  • Please do not disturb any computer equipment.

Rewards for Good Habits
  • Positive praise
  • Positive phone calls home by Ms. Kline
  • PAW tickets
  • PAW Grams
  • Goodies

Consequences for Rule Breaking
  • Teacher Warning
  • 15 minute teacher conference and phone call home
  • 30 minute teacher conference and phone call home
  • Parent conference with Ms. Kline and your counselor
  • Referral to assistant principal

Please Review Ms. Kline's PAWS Behavior Matrix

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Your First Week at Spurgeon is Procedure, Procedure, Procedure!

Now that you are situated in Ms. Kline's computer lab, you will spend the next two days familiarizing yourself with Spurgeon's school-wide behavior expectations.

Spurgeon students must follow the P.A.W.S behavior matrix program:

P  =  Positive
A  =  Attentive
W  =  Willing
S  =  Safe

In every area of your beautiful new school, there are behavior expectations that correspond with Spurgeon's PAWS acronym. Again, you will be introduced to Spurgeon's procedures and expectations with the PAWS program over the next two days.


Wednesday: You will attend a grade-level assembly with Spurgeon's principal Mr. Irving, assistant principals Mr. Zamudio and Ms. Lloyd, Spurgeon's TOSA Ms. Costello, and counselors Ms. Estrada and Ms. Sawczuk.

Thursday: You will take a tour of your newly renovated and remodeled school with one of Spurgeon's knowledgeable tour guides...hint: you met them at the grade-level assemblies!

Friday: You will review Ms. Kline's class procedures and her Technology class syllabus. Also, on Friday we will being reviewing Spurgeon's Schoolwide PAWS Behavior Matrix in every class. The elective classes will focus on PAWS in Spurgeon's office areas.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013-2014 Intermediate Technology
with Ms. Kline 

Welcome back to another great year with Spurgeon Intermediate's Technology program!

You will have a lot of fun learning a variety of computer technology related skills including:
Today you will be assigned to your permanent computer station in Lab D.

Over the course of the next two weeks we will:
  • review Spurgeon's school-wide procedures especially Spurgeon's P.A.W.S. (Positive Attentive Willing and Safe) program.
  • review Ms. Kline's class procedures.
  • attend a grade-level opening assembly.
  • take a tour of our beautiful new campus.
  • review the Santa Ana Unified School District's Acceptable Use Policy.
  • begin using Ignition's "Digital Literacy and Responsibility".
  • learn how to log in to our Google Apps accounts.
  • learn how to use a web browser, like Google Chrome, or Firefox to visit a web site.
  • begin using the Keyboarding Online program to learn to type by touch.
Keyboarding Online

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